Musiqueando Europe Tour 2017

In the months of September and October 2017 the duo offered 11 shows in 10 cities of 5 countries for 23 days. We want to thank the following people: Alfredo López, Mauro Pozo, Amy Munchguesand, Ana Zaragoza García, Marcelo Peralta, Ezequiel Ramírez, Gux Zux, Guillem from "SisB", Malik @tangerrilla, Suzanne Satler, Luis Meneses, Magda Gonzales, Daniel Contrini , Christiane Stange, Hernán Pérez, Christa Eichelbauer, Tomas Reyes, Doy Domenig, Gustavo Quintanilla, Municipality of Gálvez, Juan "Cato" Calvi, Government of Santa Fe, Editorial University of Rosario, Nico Manzi, Luiggi Ceriotti, Giovanni Colla, Commune of Santo Stefano Belbo, Minino Garay, Fermín Juárez and the souls that contributed SUPREMA ENERGIA in this journey. To our families above all.