1 - Habla La Noche (sings Irene Marchi)
2 - Quien Soy (sings Juane Voutat)
3 - El Amor es Imparable (sings Juane Voutat)
4 - Buenas, Soy EL diablo (sings Cintia Bertolino)
5 - Ella en el laberinto (sings Milagros De Pro)
6 - Paladín de la Nada (sings Juane Voutat)
7 - El Tramposo (sings Juane Voutat y Milagros De Pro, recits Cintia Bertolino)
8 - Resignado a la Noche (sings Juane Voutat and Cintia Bertolino)
9 - Tangomorfosis (sings Juane Voutat)
10 - La Despedida (sings Juane Voutat and Cintia Bertolino)

Chamber Orchestra of the Superior Institute of Music of the UNL, with invited musicians (*)
Directed by: Hernán Pérez

Trumpet: Rodrigo Sambade (*)
Trombone: Ladislao Abt (*)
Bandoneón: Danilo Cernotto
Battery: Federico Sgarbanti
Bass: Juane Voutat
Piano in tracks: 1, 2, 3 and 4: JulioBarreto.
Piano in tracks: 5, 6, 7, 9, 10: Matías Lapunzina.
Guitars in tracks 1, 4, 5 and 7: Hernán Pérez.
Guitars on track 2, 3, 6, 9 and 10: Martín Delgado.

Recorded between the months of March and June of 2014 in the ISM of the UNL of the city of Santa Fe, technical operator PabloMiechi. In Estudio del Sur de Santo Tome, technical operator Javier Escandell. At Estudio Les Paul in the city of Gálvez, technician Daniel Goldmann and Estudio El Eternographo of the city of Rosario, technician Martín Delgado.

Mixing and mastering by Pablo Miechi
Cover Art: Franco "Gux" Zulliani

This project was realized and subsidized in the framework of the "CReAR Projects", programs of production and artistic creation belonging to the National Universidad del Litoral.

To all the musicians and people who have participated in this project enriching it with its invaluable contributions. To our families!

All songs written by Martin Delgado and Adrián Abonizio