1 Introcardiotango / 0:29 / Martín Delgado y Pablo Gaitán
2 Viaje secreto / 4:53 / Martín Delgado    
3 barderita / 3:30 / Martín Delgado y Pablo Gaitán
4 Ese extraño azul (Featuring Lidia Borda) / 4:07 / Martín Delgado    
5 Rosario - Retiro / 3:39 / Martín Delgado    
6 Cool Tango / 4:32 / Martín Delgado
7 Nostalgias del boulevard / 4:22 / Martín Delgado
8 Trampa del alma (Featuring Sandra Corizzo) / 4:09 / Martín Delgado    
9 Plano 16 / 3:17 / Martín Delgado
10 Amor y devoción / 4:02 / Martín Delgado
11 A fuego lento / 4:42 / Horacio Salgan, arreglos Martin Delgado    
12 Madrugada (Featuring Julián Centeya) / 4:13 / Martín Delgado y Julián Centeya
Artistic production and musical direction: Martin Delgado.
Grabado and mixed in studio El Dorado (Rosario), between May and August 2007 by Engineer Pablo Miechi and Juan Pablo Sancho, except for the voice of That strange blue, graded in Studio 3 Elements (Buenos Aires), by Mariano Romano.Masterized in Steps Ahead (Buenos Aires) in September of 2007 by Gustavo Fourcade. Photos: Silvio Moriconi. Art development: Pablo Vallone - Persuasive. 
By EPSA Music Production: Laura Tesoriero. Production coordination: Ezequiel Guarrochena and Alberto Germán Horst.
STL: Pablo Miechi, Lidia Borda, Sandra Corizzo, Gabriel Coronel (El Kabe), Liza Polichiso, Norman Kelly Vergiati, Susana, Juan and Juan Pablo Sancho, Dario Del Bono, Juan Carlos Benvenuti, César Limonta, Pedro Robledo, Gustavo Margulies , Joaquín Hidalgo for everything ... Alfonso Gastiaburo, La Conjura TV, Oscar Fischer, Casa Del Bandoneón, Beto Horst and Pablo Vallone.
Martin: To my old Adrian and Kuky to whom I dedicate Love and Devotion. To Don Manuel, to whom I dedicate Secret Journey. To Daniela for the patience. To Ale and Caesar for the respective nightmares suffered. Ricardo Piccolo and David Bianco de Ambar, Nina Plez, Gabriel Beltramino, Daniel Bianchi, Hernán Pérez, Leo Moyano, Néstor Trolli, Humberto Mazza, Iván Fernández, Pablo Colussi, Flia. Aiello, and the entire Obera Brotherhood ... here and beyond.
Pablo: To Maxi, Joaquín, Gabriela, Linda and Florencia. To Enrique, the Tucu and the Prince. To Graciela Mangusi and Babi Camutti. To Giulia, Marta and Ale. Al Tarta, Mariano, Marquitos, Ariel, Juampi and the Gringo. To the Soul 4 and the Ale. To my cousins ??and the whole family. To my goddaughter Paloma, to Mora and the whole Martínez family. Nidia. To Juan Manuel Aguirre. To José Manuel and Felix. To the people of CEACU. To the memory of Edgardo. To the children of my friends, who are the music of tomorrow. And above all to the teachings that my old man left to me, to my mother Barbara, unconditional; And my dear brother Jorge ... with the heart.
Lucas: To Paula, my parents Teresita and Cuqui, my sister Liza, Julia Benvenuti and Billie Gómez.
Maxi: To the big family, to the small family and to Guillermina. Dedicated to Dante!