Composition on Argentine Popular Music
Volumen I - Folklore

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Chapter 1: General / La Chacarera
- The Motive
- The phrase
- The Square Phrase and The Long Subject
- Question and answer
- First Texts in Combination with the Phrase: Quartz Octosyllable
- The shape
- The Rhyme
- Rhythmic values
- Combinations text and musical rhythm
- Heights: Extractions
- Transposition
- The Serie
- Harmonization
- Accompaniment Patterns
- Introduction and Interludes
- Addition

Chapter 2: La Chacarera Trunca
- The shape
- Mobilizing Organization
- Starting with Harmony
- Tension Curves - Rest
- Arming the melody
- Non-Structural Aggregates
- Analytical Charts
- Inversion of Chords
- Subtraction
- Melodic Investment