Composition at Argentine Folk Music

Composition Masterclasses in Argentine Popular Music

4 classes of 30 min each, based on the Book Composition in Argentine Popular Music edited by the National University of Rosario, and dictated by its own author, Prof. Matin Delgado


  • Full PDF book
  • Study materials and examples in Sibelius and PDF
  • Custom work correction
  • Course Approval Certificate

Full value:
$ 1000 (Argentine pesos)
$ 30 (dollars)

More information
Wsapp: 0054 341 6 054 239


Deposit of 1000 pesos in:

CBU: 01101757/30017523588547
BFN: Martin Delgado
Account: 1752358854
Cuit: 20-23881963-7

Or deposit of 30 dollars in:

Holder: Martin Delgado
Type and account number: CA USD 2-027-0002098734-4
CUIT / CUIL: 20238819637
CBU: 0440027120000209873443

Send deposit receipt by mail and by wsapp to
0054 341 6 054 239
Next to the receipt of the receipt you must detail the following information:
Full name:
Place of residence:

Once this is done, you will receive an email containing:

• The links of the videos and their passwords
• The book in pdf, and the examples which are presented in Sibelius 7 format (no other)
• Examples are also attached of some exercises that are not listed in the book in the same format.

To pass the course and receive certification, the student must complete the 58 exercises that must be delivered in the period in which the student consider relevant. There are no stipulated deadlines for delivery of jobs. The student next to the teacher stipulates the deadlines. Once the last exercise is delivered, it will be issued in format pdf the certificate and will be sent by e-mail. The works must be delivered in Sibelis 7 format or previous versions. Other formats or versions will not be accepted.

The student can also choose the modality face-to-face, that is, to pay for the course without delivering the works. This does not grant the right to certification but if you have access to all available material.