Sessions 2001

The legendary band Chernobyl-i emerged in the mid-1990s by the hand of its unusual creator LR. Somewhere in the Argentine Republic the group would be developed with the collaborations of Martín Delgado in guitars and arrangements and IL in programming and production. At the end of the year 2002 they record this, their only material which quickly becomes a cult album.

The obsessions of LR are exposed in this conceptual work that mixes metal, hardcore, hip hop and nu metal tragically addressing the current problems of misuse of energy on planet earth. The Chernobyl energy leak, the 3 rd River explosion, Hiroshima - Nagasaki, a frustrated Christmas celebration provoked by Taliban pyrotechnics and a deadly caustic soda enema in a hospital in Greater Buenos Aires are some of the topics he is lucidly developing. Unlove the intrepid feather of LR.

Selection of some tracks:

1 - El reactor no es sauna
2 - Rio Tercero
3 - Religión radioactiva
4 - Aflojale a la probeta
5 - Mono (Naciste sin brazos)
6 - La Venganza de los deformes
7 - Enema nuclear
8 - Destino Subterraneo
9 - Hiroshima Nagasaki
10 - Verde navidad

Recorded on 2001 at the city of Gálvez at Mas Sonido Studios.