Rosario 2016

The Festival of Guitars G11 is a festival that gathers the most outstanding guitarists of the city of Rosario and the area. It has been running six editions since 2010 and is an annual event. The first meeting was made so that it concluded there but it was so successful that it was growing year after year.

It was that call (the first in the open air) in which some three thousand people converged. "The G11 is adding more public but also new guitarists. Rosario has the quality of owning a violero by block, it is impressive what happens here. I have students who can be up there, "said Roger Muzzio (one of the organizers), who confided that the Festival was born as" the party of Coco Maskivker ":" He invited people that one would take to his house but there are many More musicians who could be here and play in an absolutely professional way, Rosario is a great quarry."