Dancin Club

01 – Flores Para El Libertador
02 – Alejandra
03 – Flores Para El Libertador SONIDERO MIX
04 – Alejandra PISTERO NAKED MIX

This EP offers a preview of the full album to be released in late 2020 (COVID19 could take it to 2021) and features an impressive selection of musicians: Pablo Dacal, Leo Genovese (Resident), Minino Garay (Richard Bona), Ruben Carughi (Los Palmeras Sinfónico), India Marte (Raul in the trunk), Pedro Casis (Santa Fe Jazz Ensemble), Pablo Devadder, Simón Merlo (Monchito Merlo ), Gonzalo Vieyra (The Essence of Cumbia), Mario Scaramuzza (Leon Lacey), Diego Bosch (Lima Sur) and Tutu Rufus (San Telmo Lounge, Ike Parodi).

General production, mix and compositions: (except those indicated): Martín Delgado Mastering: Carlos Altolaguirre

Tracks 1 and 3 contain excerpts from Stravinskys Rite of Spring and samples by Ramón Ayala, Wilfrido Vargas and Leda Valladares. Track 2 contains excerpts from Chopins Sonata for Piano Op.2.

Pablo Dacal: Voz en Track 2 y 4
Gonzalo Vieyra: Voz en Track 1 y 3
Diego Bosch: Voz en Track 2
India Marte: Voz en Track 2
Minino Garay: Voz en Track 1
Pedro Casis: Trompreta en Tracks 1, 2 y 3
Rubén Carughi: Trombón en Tracks 1, 2 y 3
Mario Scaramuzza: Saxo Alto y Tenor en Track 3
Pablo Devader: Clarinete en Track 1 y 3
Leo Genovese: Moog en Track 1 y 3
Simón Merlo: Accordeón en Tracks 1 y 3
Tutu Rufus: Bajo en Tracks 2 y 4.
Martin Delgado: guitarra y keyborads en Tracks 1 a 4